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Bytes of Banking: Big data, smart banking


Halcom d.d. and EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ Association) decided to organize another Advanced Skills Workshop called Bytes of Banking: Sharing Ideas, Creating Knowledge. In the third edition of the workshop we decided to take it a bit further and include even more partners that are willing to cooperate in the means of academic input and/or financial support.


Who: EESTEC and Halcom d.d.

When: From 25th to 29th September 2017

Where: Halcom d.d. Office in Ljubljana, Tržaška 118, Slovenia



Participants will get a chance to learn more about Loyalty programs of shops in Slovenia and then implement their ideas on Hal mBills system provided by Halcom.

Based on Lean methodology and with given knowledge they will develop their own prototypes in cooperation with actual store owners. Their concepts will be tested with end users in one of the largest shopping centers in Southeastern Europe.


  • Interdisciplinary groups of students of economics and engineering: each of the group will get a challenge by one of the partners and they will have to develop a prototype which will be based on their idea and a case study that the partner will present at the beginning.
  • Two of the group members will have to take care of the business part of the challenge and other four will develop the technical part of their idea for prototype.

Present your work and win!
After one week of sharing ideas with other teammates and creating knowledge with all of the participants, each group will have to present their prototype at the closing ceremony supported by media, where the winners will be given an award provided by Halcom and/or other partners.


Applications closed!




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Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a central European city lying between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, in a basin where the Ljubljanica river flows into Sava. It has all the facilities of a modern capital, and yet it has preserved its small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere. Its surrounding areas, packed with natural beauty and cultural sights bearing witness to the city’s dynamic history, are renowned for their walking, hiking and cycle trails and a wide variety of culinary delights.

A vibrant city full of surprises.

Both residents and numerous visitors perceive Ljubljana as a city made to the measure of man. Ljubljana is classified as a mid-sized European city, but it has preserved its small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere while providing all the facilities of a modern capital. It is a unique city dotted with pleasant picturesque places where you can expect all kinds of nice little surprises. During winter, its dreamy central European character prevails, and during summer its relaxed Mediterranean feel. Due to its geographical position, Ljubljana is a perfect base for exploring the many faces and beauties of Slovenia.


Previous Edition

BYTES OF BANKING: Social Media Banking

Just as our Advanced Skills Workshop in 2014, this one was a big success too. We decided to take the event to a higher level of quality and included as partner the biggest Slovenian bank NLB, which not only sponsored but also hosted final event.
The academic part of the workshop included lectures from fields of user experience, for prototype development, design, sales, security, etc. during the whole week. One day before the final ceremony we scheduled a day for development only and we also organised Hackathon in the evening, where students had time from 8 pm until 4 am to finalize their presentations and prototypes. On Friday there was technical pitch at Halcom and later business pitch at NLB.
Just as last year, this year’s overall winners got paid internship at Halcom in Ljubljana and also many got a chance to work at Halcom.
Besides academic part we organised many team-buildings which resulted in a great atmosphere amongst highly motivated and ambitious students.

The workshop inspired the attending students, and Marko Prelevikj wrote a blog about it. Check it out.

The academic part of the workshop was perfect. One of the best experiences ever in EESTEC and generally. The people in Halcom were eager to help us and educate us in any way and at the same time gave us the appropriate freedom to develop. We had many really useful presentations about skills needed for the event and of course for our working life later. Organizers created a pleasant environment which enabled us to be the most productive.

Yiannis K. Koutsogiannakopoulos, LC Athens


With the first edition of Advanced Skills Workshop Money Talks we enabled twenty local and foreign students of electrical engineering and computer science to experience an innovative week of professional development. From the 4th to the 12th of October, with the help of Halcom's experts, the participants have been discovering the trends of gamification in electronic banking. Together with EESTEC members, the foreign students have been exploring Ljubljana and Slovenia. After a busy week full of challenges, members of the best team have earned themselves a two-month paid internship at Halcom. The successfully organised workshop is an example of good cooperation between the industry, the faculties and the students. During the workshop, the participants were acquainted with the working process in Halcom and met the employees responsible for individual product branches. By working on their prototypes they gained valuable experience from which they will for sure benefit in the future.

We enjoyed our time in Halcom so much. We stayed longer, begged to have dinner later so we could stay and finish what we were doing. This time was my favorite part of the workshop. We worked a lot, some of us even stayed until 2 am one day. It was quality time spent with friends, Halcom employees and LC Ljubljana members. And every day after dinner we still caught time to go out and explore night life of Ljubljana.

Amna Šukrija, LC Sarajevo

My main motivation for applying to the workshop was a chance of working on gamification. I checked the main sponsor of the event Halcom and I really liked what they do. Next moment I found myself buying flight tickets and gathering the documents necessary for visa application. When I arrived to the main bus station Darija and Matej were waiting for me. Matej took my luggage, Darija lead me to other participants. They were in the middle of the task for City Rally. From that moment one of my greatest weeks started. Other participants were awesome, organizing team was great! What can a participant expect more than these?

Mehmet Sencer Karadyi, LC Ankara



EESTEC is a non-political, non-profit organization of and for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students at universities, institutes and technical schools in Europe awarding an engineering degree. The aim is to promote and develop international contacts and the exchange of ideas among students. The association achieves this through improving technical knowledge and soft skills of students, introducing them to the industry and educational systems of other countries.


Nal Lukšič

Head organizer in EESTEC


Halcom has been providing solutions for financial institutions since 1992 and has acquired invaluable expertise in payment systems through numerous successful projects. In-depth knowledge and state-of-the-art solutions have enabled Halcom to become a leading provider of payment system solutions in Central and South-eastern Europe. Halcom currently operates in 8 markets (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Qatar, Serbia, Morocco and Slovenia) and has provided solutions to more than 70 banks, 4 central banks and clearing houses. Their e-banking solutions are being used by more than 150,000 corporate users. The company motto is “Looking Ahead”. Halcom therefore supports all types of cooperation with higher education since that is the best way to invest in future experts on the market and Halcom’s potential future employees.


Alen Hliš

Event coordinator, responsible for HR

Polona Trkman

Event coordiantor, responsible for preparation and execution of the event, responsible for communication with the media

Management group

Management Group is an independent and non-profit organization operating from the Faculty of Economics which has been connecting students from different fields for more than 20 years. We encourage students to complement the theoretical knowledge taught at faculties with practical experience in organization and project management. We allow students to fulfil their ambitions, improve their skills and create new business opportunities.


Vid Lekovac



Would you like to become this year's workshop partner? Send us an email to bob2@eestec-lj.org

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